Project information:

A residential training path for Ferrero Dolciaria employees


Ferrero Germany

Peschiera del Garda (Verona)

September 2018

60 employees

Experiential training path with use of small techniques and facilitation techniques.


The request
Intervention for 60 engenieers which is working for italian and germanian agencies. The goal: emprove collaboration and sharing of knowledge between the two groups. To create awareness about the importance pf sharing: thoghter we're stornger than alone. try to break the cultural and communicative barriers
The project
A trainig based on small techniques and facilitation. In the morning of the first day we incentived the mutual knowledge of partecipants throught an activity based on presentation in pairs, then some experiencial activity focused on problem solving and condivision. We propose our format World Cafè, which prmit to structure a good dialogue about specific company’s themes, sharing knowledge for future changes. The second day we got some exercises about shared planning. The entire process finish with a reflection about what was done during the World Cafè of the different team, key points of the future Action Plan.

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